We aim to take high-resolution images that help you see the aerial data you need through aerial surveying, mapping, and photogrammetry services. Once we have completed a mission, we can immediately upload that data into 2D or 3D models for use.

We render files that work with popular programs like Pix4D, ArcGIS, CAD, and other programs. Our team can gather millions of real-time high-density data points within a short period of time with some really cool drone tools. With Lidar and RGG capability we can gather true color high-density 3D point clouds down to the centimeter.


Speed And Accuracy

Our goal is to cut down the time on your data collection efforts and we are confident we can help you be more efficient at data collection and analysis.

Crew Safety

Stew’s Drone Services looks to minimize if not eliminate the need to put your crews at risk doing visual inspections. This will minimize your liability and we have the tools to allow you and your team to see inspections live or prerecorded.

Cloud Data Access

We have partnered with Stew Hosting to provide you with an easy-to-use and secure hosting solution to store your data. We will set up hosting for you and provide simple instructions to access your data 24/7.

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