You need that million-dollar shot and we’re ready to get it.

Cinematography for Film & TV

At Stew’s Drone Services we’re ready to provide you with cool aerial shots for your next video production. We shoot in HD, 4K, 6K, and 8K if needed to capture high-end cinematography shots. We take direction well and we can also provide a creative perspective to your production. Whether you need a standard or custom profile we can get you shots that color grades well and seamlessly integrate into your production.

Think it and we’ll get the shot.


Stew’s Aerial Cinematography Benefits:

Crew & Production Safety

Safety is a top priority when we fly both for our crew and your production. Planning is pivotal in understanding the shot you need. Some of the things we look at are the location, time of day for the shoot, and airspace permissions. We do the necessary research and will get the required permissions to fly where needed.

Footage at your fingertips

While flying on set you’ll have access to the footage so you can see how the shot turned out. We can then dump the footage and send it over the net where you need it to go.

Experienced And Professional Team

Flying is what we do and when we’re not on a set we’re on our own set thinking about the next shot, how we’ll get it. That means practice and we strive to be the best at what we do. We’ll bring on a visual observer to help with safety.

Live View For You

Need to be able to see the shot live? No problem, we got you covered. We can use live deck to give you a first-hand visual of what we’re shooting. There’s nothing like live.